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3 definitions by Sadie Vincent

Describes a bromance shared between 3 dudes.
Zak, Aaron and Nick are totally in a bromage à trois. The three of them are ALWAYS hanging out together.
by Sadie Vincent August 13, 2009
A phrase to describe someone's freak out which reminds others of when Christian Bale freaked out with a long, profanity-laced verbal freak out to the cinematographer on the set of "Terminator Salvation."
Can you believe Mark? He had a Bale moment at his kid's baseball game when he cussed out the Little League umpire in front of all the kids and families.
by Sadie Vincent November 07, 2009
In a bromance, one dude is another dude's #1 bro, making him his "broest of bros."
Watson is Holmes' broest of bros in their Detective Bromance.
by Sadie Vincent April 06, 2010