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amazing/top quality/really good/better than just "the bollocks"
Man 1: 24-hour drinking in pubs would be the bollocks.
Man 2: Nah, that'd be the HAIRY bollocks!
by Sadie E. Innes-Smith April 10, 2008
The pleasant mixture of crumbs, spices, and other flavours that stick to the fingertips of your crisp-eating hand during crisp-eating. The flavours are often very strong. Many people find licking the flavours from their fingertips to be the highlight of crisp-eating.
"Now that you've finished your packet of crisps, enjoy the flavours!"

"woah, those flavours were so intense, they made me wince!"

crisp-eater 1: "i've just had a packet of damagin' kettle-chips, but i've got a sensitive molar."
crisp-eater 2: "ooh, yeah, be careful when you lick off the flavours pal!"
by Sadie E. Innes-Smith December 18, 2007
to tan / to tank verb: To consume a large quantity of a substance, usually alcohol or cocaine, in a short space of time. Forms: tanning, tanned, tanking, tanked.
Quick, the taxi's waiting; let's tan the last of the vodka! We can tank a few lines on the way.
by Sadie E. Innes-Smith March 23, 2008
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