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Someone who is a slave to their computer most likely with high speed internet connection.
They can be found doing countless things for hours some of which make completely no sense.
They can be doing useless desgins in adobe photoshop using images from google.com or playing mmorpg's for hours or chatting all day in chat rooms about nothing.
Lets not forget checking e-mails every 5 minutes.
If you touch the motherboard it is usually scorching hot and whirring like mad trying to desperately cool itself off.
Me- hey wutchu doing?
husband- checking my countless email boxes

(5 minutes later)

me- hey wutchu doing?
husband- making website designs

(5 minutes later)

me- hey wutchu doing bro?
bro- playing world of warcraft. look at my rogue he pwns!

Me- ...what a bunch of computer whores.
by Sacred PhantaC October 26, 2005
“the women who usually appear on these networks to represent female gamers are unvaryingly clad in size 0 jeans and tight tube-tops. They spit like angry cats as they scream about their mad gaming skillz and call a challenge for male gamers to ‘get their ass kicked’ by a girl.”

These are the gamer girls who look unbelievably hott and are pretty good at the games they play which can usually turn out to kicking guy ass.
Blkyoshi69- I just beat you at Neopets, World of Warcraft, Diablo II, Halo, Brute Force, Super Smash Bros, Age of Empires while feeding my infant son, changing my toddler and cooking for my husband...PWNED!!!

SillyBoy- You're a girl?! Yeah right you are just some poor old man in his basement living at his mom's house.

Blkyoshi69- Ugh, loser....-.- (lipstick gamer)
by Sacred PhantaC October 26, 2005

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