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A sagging double chin that sags like jello and in which resembles a turkey's gobbler. A trait commonly found amongst middle age female Math teachers.
"When my teacher shook her head, her turkey jello flapped everywhere. It almost hit my face!"
by Sacktavious May 19, 2007
When a female cringes and queefs at the same time resembling a startled donkey with a bladder infection.
Whitney just saw blood on the floor and quinged. It was the most uncomfortable thing I've ever seen.
by Sacktavious February 05, 2010
What typically results when one has sex with a virgin in a meat freezer.
Ben: "Man it's freezing in here"
Steph: "You better make it fast. I can't wait for a nice cold cherry slush"
by Sacktavious February 27, 2010
Hoss is a synonym for huge/buff/boss/big guy; commonly a douchebag; seen a lot in the Badin atmosphere.
Yeah bro! He's such a hoss!
by Sacktavious May 24, 2010

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