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While having sex, insert a dildo into your lady's vagina. Insert your penis, pushing the dildo inward causing involuntary muscle twitches and loss of limb control.

WARNING: Do not call doctor, in most countries this action is illegal and will contact the authorities.
I gave this chick a "Thailand Twitcher" last night and everything was going great...but then it backfired and now i cant stop sokdoksdk twitching!
by Sac War Man August 11, 2010
A rare 3-some with two Canadian men and an all natural (never shaved) Brazilian woman. During intercourse, prior to ejaculation, both men pull out and proceed to jerk one another off until they cum onto her thicket of pubes, (resembles a rainforest). But as in all rainforests the white men want to cut down everything, and to accomplish this both men get a razor in their mouth and shave the womans pubes leading to the vagina. Sorry but its not complete until they ingest the pubes and semen.
Dude have you seen a "Canadian Rainforest'?
No but i heard it was great!
by Sac War Man August 11, 2010
When you fist a chick and start thrusting the arm in and out so hard that she starts to hop around like a kangaroo. After a good 7:53 seconds (time may vary) you take out your arm, leaving the vagina flabby, resembling a kangaroo pouch.
Bobby- Hey Joey see that chick hopping everywhere.
Joey- Yeah, what the fuck is wrong with her?
Bobby- Thats what a "Kangaroo Pouch" does to you.
by Sac War Man August 11, 2010
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