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David Firth, creator of Fat-pie.com and animator of salad fingers, decided to ply Darren Davenport a chav from Doncaster? with alcohol and money in order to document his "Propa Fucking space Head" life.

There are 2 scopes of thought on this:
1. Devvo is NOT real, he is simply a friend who is taking the piss out of chavs
- How come devoo never attempts to steal the camera?
-He kicks the ground and makes a fool of himself in "Devvo As Out"
-The way he says "Aite une wat une up tune?" in a comical fashion.
2. Devvo IS real
I mean come on i have seen thousands of devvos everywhere, this is possibly his normal behaviour.
- He does take drugs in the film, no actor would take it that far
- He says some incredible things that cannot be made up.
- He really does mug that guy..

"aite une, wat une up tune?"
"ya what Dicked"
"fucking GAYBUS, u gay"
"ya bellend"
"I got this car for my son, dont turn though"
"look at fucking space head over her, proper bolluxed"
by SabreNoose June 24, 2005
A massive 4ft wide vagine, sometimes mistaken as the bermuda triangle, as it is feared by most sailors.
"Arr me harteys, the jumbo cunt took my leg"
"I heard that old bitch has a massive jumbo cunt"
by sabrenoose August 10, 2005

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