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8 definitions by Sabre Z

A person who is your best mate/friend.
This word is mostly used by New Zealand Maori.
Guy: Who's he?
Maori: He's my cuzzie bro
Guy: Che!
by Sabre Z September 20, 2004
36 18
Exactly what McDonalds is.
Don't go to McShit, come on down to BK.
by Sabre Z September 18, 2004
56 47
when crap dries up in your large intestine blocking your anal passageway which leaves you in a more worse state than constipation. Doctors have to stick a tube up your arse to scrape/suck out the dried crap, leavig your arse sore for days.
My arse is so sore from my oppointment to the doctos yesterday. They said I had feacial impaction, so they stuck tube up arse.
by Sabre Z September 18, 2004
5 4
Fella Fullof Feacies. It's what you call a person who is constipated or suffers Feacial impaction
What do you call a constipated samoan?

A fella fullof feacies!
by Sabre Z September 18, 2004
3 10
Homo Sapian/Sexual
Eats like an animal
Australia, Sydney: Surry Hills
In the middle of a city street it does the following:
Desperatly tries to make money
Hugs random people
How to calm down this animal:
You Don't
Copyright 2005 and beyond this information was extracted from the book of ANIMALS THAT LIVE WITHIN US.
by Sabre Z January 25, 2005
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A cool, phat, awsowme person who doesn't show his identity so he calls himself, Sabre Z
Wat up Sabre Z! Howz it?!
by Sabre Z September 29, 2004
2 18
Something that Maori say when something is cool, sweet or great.
Guy:I going to go to BK for dinner

by Sabre Z September 18, 2004
13 29