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In Polish language literally means "whore", "bitch". Usually used as words "shit" or "fuck" or as a comma in language of rather non-intelligent people OR when wondering about something OR being in great fury.

Usually there is added word "Mać" after this. It is hardened word for "matka" which means "mother", so formation "Kurwa mać" means "Your mother is a whore" (literally "Mother whore"). Whole phrase is used as "kurwa" itself.
"Ona jest kurwą!" (she is a whore!)
"Kurwa, samochód mi ukradli!" (Fuck, my car has been stolen!)
"Nie wytrzymam, kurwa, ile można czekać?" (I can't stand it, fuck, how much I'd have to wait?"
by Sabistyszka November 20, 2010

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