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Someone in a combat related sport, specifically those of medieval reenacting nature such as SCA, Dagorhir, Amtgarrd or Adrian Empire; who cheat by refusing to take their hits, As in Growing Rhino Hide so as not to feel a properly calibrated blow. The only remedy for these people is to hit them harder..much harder!
I would have won that Tourniment but Sir Fuckstick over there is a Rhino Hider
by Saberslinger1978 April 06, 2013
A member of a historical reenactment organization who has appointed themselves the judge and jury over everyone elses historical clothing and, while sometimes correct in their assessment, makes everyone misarable because they are way too picky.

Also: nickname for a person in charge of maintaining authenticity at a historic site.
Person 1) I cant ware my moccasin boots anymore, I have to buy brogues!

Person 2) Why? they looked so good!
Person 1) Because that garb nazi made a fuss because the seams in the wrong place!
by Saberslinger1978 April 06, 2013

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