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Often known as a incredible RB vocalist Gabby or Neon_POP is good to have underground.She plays a big part in the "I hate Vixenita" club and has also been known as Dot.When KKoser started doing Animaniacs fandubs it was original him,Sam,and Little KKoser.Then when they lost their Dot,Neon_POP was up to do it.This is the reason why KKoser calls her "Little Sister" and she calls KKoser "Big Brother".She is very nice and good to have around.But say you like Vixenita and we will all attack you.
Neon_POP is awesome.

I wish I could FC stuff on vocals like Neon_POP.


Neon_POP can we go kill vix together?
by Saberdrummer12 October 11, 2009

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