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Someone who has so much, “Swag” it makes them seem like a total fagot.
Swagot: “Ay, yo, what up? Check my new gold chain!”

Saber: “I dont give a single fuck about your chains.”
by Saber Hayabusa December 11, 2013
An quick, offensive, character in the FPS, TF2, or Team Fortress 2. Scout is quite the comedian. He is know for being a (health-wise) weak character, but is known for running the fastest out of all the characters in Team Fortress 2. He is never seen without his trademark headphones, ear-piece, back strap, dog tags, and wrappings around his hands. A big baseball fan, he is, as stated before, never seen without his baseball cap. He also uses a baseball bat as a melee weapon. Scout is a bit of a cocky character, but he it just makes him funnier than he already is.
Medic:"Scout, you look hurt. Need some healing?"

Scout: "Naw, man. I'm capping that objective! I'm out!" *runs away quickly*

Medic: "Oh dear..."
by Saber Hayabusa December 10, 2013
1. A rifle made for killing targets at a high range.

2. A person who can throw a far distance.

3. A person who is a very accurate gunner; a marksman.
1. The PSG1? I love that sniper in COD!

2. Woah, he threw a dart from 50 yards and still hit a Bulls Eye. The guy's a sniper.

3. We needed the man dead, so we sent out our best sniper.
by Saber Hayabusa February 14, 2014

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