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Very large female breasts.

Breast that look like there filled with milk.

Suckable breasts.
Jim: Look at sarah in this pictures

Donnald: Daym, look at those milk cows
by Saajisan March 17, 2010

A big meal eaten during midnight hour. Similar to midnight snack except bigger in size.
I wonder what to have for midner?
should I make a frozen dinner or go out and grab something from mickey D's?
by saajisan March 31, 2010
abbr. what ever floats your boat
IM convo:

Dude: That chick is hot, i'ma try to get with her.

Dude 2: wefyb
by saajisan May 02, 2010
a photographer that specializes in Nude photography.

See: Nudography
Jim: What do you do for a living?
Bob: I'm a nudographer

Jim: Thats nice!
by Saajisan March 31, 2010
Multi Messenger Program - aim, msn, yahoo, icq all bundled toughener in one program.
Joe: You got Aim
Jill: No, I use a MMP
by saajisan January 28, 2009
abbreviated form of Nude Photography

A non-erotic (artstic) style of photography that depicts the nude human body as a study.
Bob: What is your favorite type of photography?
Jim: hmm... I like nudography
by Saajisan March 31, 2010
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