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450 definitions by SaRaH

1. a new term for homosexual.
2. the most attractive thing to ever walk the earth.
1. "dude, we should totally go out to a hayden club tonight and scam on the fag hags."
2. i would kill my mother and step over her head body to be near hayden christensen.
by sarah March 12, 2005
the are the hottest guys in the world
expecially my love Gerard
by Sarah April 06, 2005
a girl that goes to an all girl- private school can either be a lesbian, or a total whore, complete with knee socks and pleated skirt
we used to go to school together, then she went to Lourdes and became popular for shady reasons.
by Sarah March 14, 2005
Scottish slang used by teenagers to describe when their parents and siblings have gone out for the night and they have the house to themselves.
"Do you wanna come round to my bit tonight? I've got an empty."
by sarah May 08, 2004
a knife that has been soaked in water and comes out hot.. making it easier to cut butter
i used a hot knife to make the butter easier to cut
by sarah September 06, 2004
person who only looks sweet and innocent...typically blonde
She is such a Talia! All the teachers love her...
by Sarah May 29, 2004
extremely hott kid...perferably with lip pierced and messy hair that covers half of the face that listens to songs about lost love and heartbreak...
look at the kid with the black hair and his lip pierced with the ninja turtle backpack...so hott
by Sarah March 01, 2005