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k heres wat i think bout all u bitches posts on here sayin "icp are fagz" and "icp sux".. COME THE FUCK ON!!! have u even listened to any of the music ur selvz.. just becuz u bitches are kidish mutha fuckerz who prolly still let ur mommy pik out ur clothes dont mean u got the RIGHT to dis on icp. u guyz r a bunch of bitches and itz cuz of ppl like u tht we know we're a stonger family than u think we are i bet most of u mother fuckers have never had homies as close to u as we do. we're family and we'll alwayz have each otherz backs. just becuz most of u muther fuckers are bigots and becuz u walk around like ur shit dont stink dont mean ur better than us.. IN FACT your below us. so before u go to diss another band u should remember that most of us could beat ur asses down before ud know wat hit you. i mean theres a lot more to the whole down wit the clown thing than u think. and bein a juggalo or juggalette isnt about reppin a band. being a juggalo or lette is about being yourself. and the music might not be for u. but if u aint tru to urself who are u gonna be tru to??
i'm down wit the clown and all u muther fuckers who aint can kiss my ass.

Insane clown posse:
we'll never die alone,
juggalos will carry on,
swing our hatchets if we must,
each and every one of us.
by SaMJo92 March 17, 2008

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