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A pro-skater from Virginia Beach, Virginia.

He is sponsored by DeeZel, Sole Brothers, NHS, Independent, Type-S, and Bones.

Nick Nolte also plays a lot of XBox Live. His gamertag is XxFALLENxX SN .

He plays Halo 3, Skate 2, and Forza 2.
Did you see Nick Nolte at that contest the other day?? He pulled a Nollie Big Back Tail like it was nothin!! Totally stomped the competition.
by SaInT ShOwTiMe June 28, 2009
the state of not having a man in your life, or a dick in your world.
Man, Suzie's manlessness is actually affecting her friends' social lives
by SaInT ShOwTiMe July 04, 2009
1. The best skater to ever play Skate or Skate 2 on Xbox Live. Also known as SaInT ShOwTiMe, his gamertag. He invented number 2.

2. The highest scoring trick on Skate 2. It consists of doing a No Foot Air to Superdude to Christ Air
1. man, did you see ShOwTiMe and Masterbeej53 in their most intense Spot Battle yet? It was off the heezy. There was scrilla on the line, and some major bling-bling.

2. man did you see SaInT ShOwTiMe pull off the Showtime in that intense Spot Battle with sena21eyeshield? He used it to win some major scrilla and bling-bling.
by SaInT ShOwTiMe June 23, 2009

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