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5 definitions by Sa De

Vikas is a Hindi(Indian Language) word. It is used as a word as well as a name. Vikas means Development/Progress.
Generally, people whose name is Vikas are intelligent or smart or handsome or wealthy or possess all these attributes.
1) Vikas is a good boy. (Here Vikas is the name of the person.)

2) India vikas kar raha hai. (India is progressing. Here Vikas is being used as a term & not as a name.)
by Sa De July 08, 2006
A wery wide vagina i.e. a vagina(choot) which has been opened up by numerous sexual intercourses over the time & which cant really give the pleasure which a tight vagina can.
Mallika Sherawat must be having a mast Bhosda.
by Sa De July 08, 2006
Hindi Synonym for Lotus(flower). It is also used as a name.
1)Pankaj is a good boy.
2)Neeraj, Jalaj are synonyms of Pankaj.
by Sa De July 08, 2006
Its an abusive word in Hindi(Indian Language). Vinod Chod means a person whose birth is a joke. Vinod Chod is the person whose parents didn't knew what sex is & his mother concieved him just as a joke.
That bloody Tom is a Vinod Chod.
by Sa De July 08, 2006
G- Generator
O- Operator
D- Destroyer

GOD refers to the Supreme Power. In Hindu Culture God refers to the Trinity i.e. Brahma(The Generator), Vishnu(The Operator) & Shiv(The Destroyer).
Oh GOD please save me.
by Sa De July 08, 2006