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Zombie Apocalypse. The fictional phenomenon of a virus being transmitted through bodily fluids, taking over the host's brain and basic body functions. Referred to on Facebook frequently by Zombie Apocalypse Preparation Facebook Page.
Jarrod: Hey, why do you need 14 guns?

Doug: I need supplies when the ZPoc happens!
by SXY S14 August 23, 2010
The feeling you get when you hate your job, or the customers you deal with. Reference to Steven Slater, the Flight Attendent who, after a scene with a passenger, shouted expletives over the P.A. system, then grabbed a beer and slid down the emergency chute.
These non-tippers give me the JetBlues.
by SXY S14 August 12, 2010
To name a popular street as a reference to prove or give false pretense that you know of a place you are talking about. Usually a main street that one might remember from visiting, or from a movie or song.
Doug: "Oh, you live in Santa Monica? My friend lived just off Ocean Avenue."

Ken: "Dude, did you just Street Drop, or do you know Santa Monica well?"
by SXY S14 September 09, 2011
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