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Response when asked a dumb why question
Max: Why is Wawa closed?
Jane: Because you're gay.

Kat: Why did you sleep with my boyfriend?
Lisa: Because you're gay.

Jimmy: Daddy, why don't you love me?
Dad: Because you're gay.
by SWalshie September 01, 2006
The nickname for Wildwood, NJ because it's so ghetto compared to the upscale surrounding islands of south jersey due to the massive amounts of vacationers and people that moved from philly, camden, and other ghetto neighborhoods.
Katie: Where are you chillin tonight?
Matt: Wit my homies in Wildhood.
by SWalshie September 01, 2006
Common word for Stone Harbor, an island in South Jersey where all the rich people from PA, mostly the radnor region, have their summer homes.
Kenny: Where r we chillin tonight?
Bart: Chill Harbor
by SWalshie November 18, 2006
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