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When a shoplifter (sometimes accompanied by 1 or more accomplice) just goes crazy in a store.

How this shit works:
They bring a bag
They all communicate together (sometimes through phones, sometimes through codes)
One goes inside a fitting room to "try something on"
Accomplice passes the bag inside,
Accomplice passes all the goods.
Shoplifter puts it in shopping bag, then just bounces.

Some stores dont have the sensor "tags", but a very good shoplifter has tools for this.

There is nothing a pro-shoplifter can't untag.

The only really legit way to bust a shoplifter is:
*random bag checking (at the door), this doesnt happen too much though, since employees have much better shit to do.
*camera sees the accomplice passing shit to the lifter. (remember, the lifter puts bags the merchandise in the fitting room, and for them to say that they have video evidence, and it shows the lifter in the room is gonna violate privacy laws for the store)
*or if the lifter messes up, forgets to untag a merchandise. (remember, a professional lifter could steal up to 1000$ worth of merchandise per store visit)

The art of shoplifting is a very risky business to be in. To excel in it, someone needs:

*excellent accomplice coordination,

*be able to analyze what the employees are thinking just by their body movements.
*be able to know what tools works for what tags
*be able to know the ins and out of a particular store (such as where most employees would be, where they usually roam, etch)
*be able to successfully distract an employee while the partner makes his move.

Remember, a store may have alot of cameras, but rest assured, only about a handful, if any, actually works. These are mostly dummy cameras. Why? because these systems are very expensive, and on top of that, they gotta pay employees to watch them constantly.

Another thing to remember,

always use your head!!!
dont do shit thats very stupid. What I mean about this is, running away with a shirt under a shirt is NOT a good idea.
Casually walking out a store with a bag full of shit, is a better idea.

Catch my shit?

And last but not that least, as you get more experienced, the "im scared" feeling slowly gets away. But mostly, this feeling is just inside, meaning, if youre getting paranoid that they know, if youre smart about your ways, most likely, they dont.

AND of course, the GOLDEN rule of lifting,
only lift from big businesses, such as corporate stores, etch, and not from family businesses.
Youre probably thinking, simply because they have more people to worry about, and there's less security.

That may be a correct answer, but it is not the right one.

The right answer is because these family businesses is ran entirely by the family that owns them. That's their only means of obtaining money to put food into the table. Why would you even consider taking that away from them?
That is not a very, very nice thing to do.
FOR A GOOD EXAMPLE, Refer to "*"

And in a way, by getting some from the billion dollar company, does it really affect them to loose, say, 3000$?
not really!

but why do they pay their employees minimum wage?

Not cool huh?

So in a way, lifters prevent corporate shit from booming.
SWIM has been a master lifter for a very long time. Swim started small, but grew very very big.

Swim has never ever been caught in a store, although swim has been caught once, and this is something he greatly regrets. *

Swim has a bunch of tools that he uses. It ranges from: hooks, gun detachers, magnetic detachers, etch. and if someone is wondering where swim got his tools, remember,the internet is your tool.

Swim, of course, works with a friend, and together, they can amass up to 3000$ in one night. These is called a shoplifting spree. Swim and his friend, during work, talk in codes. For example:
"hows the shirt"
"it fits pretty well"
What does that mean? it means that the tag has successfully been removed from the shirt and is on its way to the bag.

Swim has done many, many sessions, from small time "necklace", to big time 2-3 bag FULLS per store. each bag containing about 7-800$ worth of merchandise depending on the store swim is targeting.

And not to brag or anything, but swim has lifted around 20, 000$, maybe 30, 000$ worth of shit from diff stores.
Quite frankly, swim doesnt total his shit.

*Swim stole this one merchandise from a small, family owned business. Why did swim do this? Because swim got too cocky, and thought he can do anything. Then swim got caught because the store owner was so dedicated in his business that he actually knew each item he sold, and how much there is in there.

Swim felt really really bad though, not because he got caught or anything, but mainly because why did he have to cause that trouble in a small business. Not only that, say swim got away with it, the small business would have had a deficit of 99$ (the item was 99). That was food for the whole family for a day!

Well, swim never did it again and genuinely felt sorry for it.
by SWIMlifterz September 21, 2009

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