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A white male, who would rather have sex with their own truck then their prostitute girlfriend. Truck homos will usually be seen in a pearl snap shirt, denim wranglers with a ring pressed out of the back pocket from their dip, and over-priced boots. The most common autmobile of a truck homo will be, an F-450, Super Duty, Extended-cab, Texas-Edition, with exhaust pipes that come over the roof, a 35'' lift kit, tires with tread as deep as their love for marijuana and that costs more than the rent on their mobile home costs in a year, and have no respect for other drivers. You will often times see truck homos parked in multiple parking spots, due to the fact that their trucks are much too big for their own good. Most truck homos will partake in gratuitous amounts of butt sex many times a day.
Landon looks like such a truck homo with that new truck.
by SUV Hetero May 04, 2011

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