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a well respected carnegie premier league club in northern ireland. dungannon are a well run, all round respected small football club with pasionate, devoted fans. "the swifts" recently made a large leep towards professional football with the clubs first ever venture into europe under the helm of local legend Joe McAree who resigned shortly after to take a more resevered role within the club under title of general manager
dungannon swifts are an example in them selves of irish league football along with every other team that makes the country proud and for the ifa with howard wells wanting to take that away with the 10 team league is wrong
by super_swifts July 10, 2006
The answer is the solution to a puzzle or an equation, which you need to work out. The answer is also a crap username on a certain irish league website which i cannot name.
If i had 50 pence and i purchased a rubber at 10 pence and a ruler at 30 pence, who much change will i have/ what is the answer?
by SUPER_SWIFTS March 25, 2006

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