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16 definitions by SUPERSAB

An abnormally large cock that will turn a pussy into a blue waffle after just one pounding.
She did have a nice little pussy, but my blue waffle maker changed her forever.
by supersab September 29, 2010
very large blue balls
the bitch had an orgasm and left, my husky balls are killing me
by SUPERSAB June 06, 2010
Married S&M. Snoring & Masturbating. When the wife snores in the bedroom and the husband masturbates in another room.
Guy 1- What's your secret to being married so long? Guy 2- S&M. Guy 1- Wow, you wife likes bondage? Guy 2- No, Married S&M, she snores and I masturbate.
by supersab October 10, 2010
Another name for a penis or dick in a prison.
Harry knew he was in trouble when his cellmate pulled out his shit shanker.
by supersab September 06, 2010
When a woman shits herself while also having a severe yeast infection and her period.
She was so drunk and wanted me to go down on her. I almost did until she dropped her pants and I saw her loaded nachos. I puked everywhere.
by supersab September 15, 2010
A very hot or attractive handicapped or disabled person.
guy 1-"Dude, that chick is hot" guy 2- "Man ,shes in a wheelchair. One legs longer than the other" guy 1 - "I dont care, she gimp-ilicious"
by supersab September 06, 2010
Someone who becomes a zombie when american idol is on. They cant stop watching it when its on, even though they know its gay.
Harry becomes an american idol zombie at work when he passes a tv with american idol on. Its pathetic.
by supersab September 10, 2010