36 definitions by SUPERMAN

Sounds organized within time; tells a story
1) "I like to listen to music while masturbating!"
2) "We made great music last night!"
by Superman April 10, 2003
hair that grows in spiral; curl normally found on the back of the neck, though possible any where hair is
betty thought the chungle twister on steve's neck was gross and discusting
by superman January 09, 2005
big and dumb
haha aoloLO~~~
by superman June 26, 2004
lonely guy that is misunderstood by adults, one who needs companionship with others under 18 years of age who understand him.
Rob Reiner
by Superman November 28, 2003
Fucked up
dude that waz sum good shiznit i got fucked up
by sUpErMaN January 29, 2003
Hot and sexy. All in one.
"Oooh. What a hexy guy."
by Superman May 04, 2004
the school bus driver
art ibarra
by superman February 15, 2004

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