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A word used to describe the willful act of truanting, derived from 1960's homosexual folk songs.
'Hey, that Henry guy jigged his ballet lesson today! What a fag!'
by Superman March 25, 2003
a phrase in hebrew that describes a person who is gay. someone who shows
everyone his feminine behavior, by acting and talking loud with hands and body gestures.
he: look at this man, he is actung strange.
she: donwt mind him, he is chik chikon.
by superman March 13, 2005
a phrase in Hebrew that describes someone who is sniffing cocaine on a daily basis.
he: do you know where is doron?
she: i think he is riding on the lines again.we must help him.
by superman March 13, 2005
A "Back Office Monkey," a.k.a. corporate loser or douchebag.
Lion2004 sucks at his job and thinks he can get somewhere in life by kissing lots of rumps in the office. But he is really a b.o.m. and will go nowhere.
by Superman March 25, 2005
On the morning of May 19th Himay stated that:

1) It is like giving a high-five
Hey, give me head!
by superman May 19, 2004
Tyranid Venom Cannon.
Old No Eyes can't hit shit with his noob cannon.
by superman January 23, 2005

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