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Stands for "If Not Now When?"
Man: hey sexy wanna have sex?
Woman: Not right now!
Man: INNW?
by superman March 31, 2005
same as ahi, but to a woman.
refer to "ahi" defenition.
she: hey ahoti, whats up?
she 1: sababa ahoti..
by superman March 13, 2005
a nice guy/girl/unknown in runescpe,she/he is very kind and alway gives out free items to noobs and gives advices for training,he got scammed and hacked before many times so he gives advice to prevent ppl from being hacked or scammed too
you are like chesterqw!, may chesterqw helps you.
by superman November 22, 2004
1. a stupid poser who wears super baggy pants, hoodies, and carries his skateboard around school all day and smokes pot all day long. usually cant ride on their board for more than 3.235123 seconds before slipping off. only trick they have heard of is the "kickflip" which they cannot do and dont even try. skate just for the image of being cool and popular.

2. the real definition- someone who loves to skateboard. not to be confused with a sk8er (see the above definition). real skaters are very talented people who do it for the love of it and not the image. if you become good enough, you can get sponsored and eventually turn pro. skating can change your life.
lets go skating.
skateboarding is cool.
fuck you, skateboarding rocks!
by superman February 15, 2004
place where people who TiPe LyKe DiSS put their lives on the internet. Example: 2day im madd tyred yo.They hope that by learning that they are tired, you will assume that they went out and do have lives. And not just asians "blog" there. theres all kinds of losers.
xAnGuh IsH dA c00l3st!! R3preSEnt!!!!
by superman November 08, 2003
A PeeWee'er is a member og the utilitarian totaldetermination squad, a person constantly trying to ruin good debates with diverse bullshit, such as "humans dont have free will" and such.

Most of them are to be found in Norway,
where the originater is located.
"What did he say? Sounds like a PeeWee'er to me!"
by Superman January 01, 2005
A word used to describe the willful act of truanting, derived from 1960's homosexual folk songs.
'Hey, that Henry guy jigged his ballet lesson today! What a fag!'
by Superman March 25, 2003

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