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1 definition by SUBLIME5446

ok, everyone is saying that being "emo" is being against all the trends, but thats impossible when Emo is a trend itself. I cannot go anywhere where I do not see an emo person. Its horrible! If being emo is about being an "individual" then y do u all look the same?? Sure, its ok 2 b depressed sometimes, but making it a lifestyle? Thats just wrong.....
emo kid: Hey. do u want to listen to some MCR, GC, FOB, and SOAD?
normal kid: WTF? are those diseases???
emo kid: no, they r bands...
normal kid: cant u just say the whole fucking name or does it make u feel depressed? fucking emo! go away and listen 2 some SUBLIME!
by SUBLIME5446 November 26, 2006
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