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1) The day of your birth.
2) The final step in procreation.
3) The day you were shat into existence.
1)It's Jim's birthday today! Let's celebrate the day he was a slimy ball of fleshy meat sliding out of his mother!
by SSBrando January 15, 2009
People who are in no way able or prepared to have a baby.
Procreation is for a couple who is planning on such situation. Concreation is either people who didn't plan on a child or by certain standards.....shouldn't have a baby.

Karl, your sister just had a baby! Congrats!

Yeah well, she's dumb as a rock and I fear for the baby's upbringing.
by SSBrando March 27, 2010
Another way of saying Grandpa or Grandfather.
"This is my gampa!"
by SSBrando June 16, 2005

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