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An alcoholic drink, made famous by the home town in which it was created - Canvey Island (Essex, UK).
Canvey Island is inhabitted by the peasant underclass, and is the arse hole of Essex. In turn, Essex is the arse hole of England.
Not to be confused with the Lond Island Iced Tea (Vodka, Tequilla, Bacardi, Gin and Cointreau topped off with lime juice and coke) the Canvey Island Iced tea features Meths, Turpentine, Rubbing Alcohol and/or alcohol based hand wash. All topped off with White Lightning (or similar budget priced cider).
Also, in place of the usual garnishes (wedge of lime, ice) the Canvey Island Iced Tea is enhanced by the addition of cigarette butts and the Mother In Law's stray pubes.
Scumbag Father: "Ere, Britney get us some White Spirit from B & Q I fancy a Canvey Island Iced Tea!"
Scumbag Mother: "OK Jason."
by SS8 GHD July 26, 2010

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