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A rotating medical, veterinary, or nursing student who is blessed with FMEs but has an unattractive nose and/or mouth, making them only hot with a mask on.
I was about to break through inner cortical on the hemi the other day, when i looked up and saw the maskhot who then broke my concentration because all I was thinking about was the bleese toast that I wanted her to make me.
by SRO May 22, 2008
Term used to describe a campor girly acting male that gets all the girls, however enjoying the company of the girls liking them in a non-sexual way. A jim will hang around with 2-3 or more girls liking arms with them and pokeing them in the stomach and getting poked back.
Usually wearing a brand name bench jacket or something similar - in the smallest size possible
Sro; Look dude theres another Jim
MC MEN-D: I fucking HATE jim hes a cunt
by Sro June 10, 2005

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