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A theory that developed from Max Planck's quantum principle and Werner Heisenberg's uncertainty principle.

The quantum principle states that waves (light, infrared, X rays, etc.) are emitted from any body in "packets" known as quanta, rather than arbitrarily. Each quantum would have more energy depending on the frequency of the waves.

The uncertainty principle states that the more accurately you know the position of a particle, the less accurately you can know its velocity, and vice versa.

Heisenberg, Erwin Schrodinger, and Paul Dirac created a theory called quantum mechanics, which was based on the uncertainty principle. Particles were now thought to have a quantum state, a combination of position and velocity.

In a nutshell, it brought randomness into physics, which many physicists (Einstein, for example) objected. Still, many others accepted it.
Even after reading all that, does anyone actually understand what quantum mechanics is?

Quantum mechanics is complicated.
by SRG September 23, 2004
water consumed by an oral sex performer when accomplished in but not limited to the shower under running water
Girl 1: I hate giving head
Girl 2: why?
Girl 1: because it always taste funny
Girl 2: you talking about prejac
Girl 1: yes and he's always trying to shove it in,
Girl 2: I can't help you with him shoving it in but you can always climb in the shower with him, wash him and do it under running water
Girl 1: won't I choke on the water or drown
Girl 2: oh girl you haven't had water like dick water
#penis #water #shower #oral sex #swallowing #head #dick
by Srg March 27, 2015
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