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A derogatory slur for an Australian
Lay a grongo in your slipper
by SQUAD March 28, 2012
When a situation is an extreme cluster-fuck.
This traffic-jam is a hot mess.
by Squad September 05, 2005
Used to refer to extremely hot or ugly girls (it should be blatantly obvious whether the hot mess is used in a positive or negative connotation).
The girl walking by in the pink skirt was definitely a hot mess, I would love to Eiffel Tower her in my bedroom.

by Squad September 05, 2005
Referring to any sexual activity in which the actions are getting to be of a perverse nature. Can be used spefically to describe male ejaculate or releasing of bodily fluids.
That girl was such a skeeze, I had to bust a hot mess all over her face.

I left a hot mess on her chest and then rolled around in it (Cleveland Steamer).
by Squad September 05, 2005
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