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1. To misspell words and argue that they are correctly spelled.
2. To use improper grammar and argue they are correct.

The act can be known as pulling a crax.
Belows is an example of craxism.
1: She said i sexually harrassed her
2: Its spelled harassed.
1: Dude, its harrassed.
2: *links to dictionary.com correct spelling*
1: I don't care i've seen it spelled Harrassed
2: fucking crax.
by SOTsyndicate April 29, 2008
1. Fucking a guy in an underground parking lot
2. Brushing a man's girlishly long hair in a very homo way
I saw this guy Giving someone the Canadian in the parking lot and he was brushing his girlishly long hair while doing it!
by SOTsyndicate April 05, 2012

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