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A facebook user that refuses to 'poke back' a large group of people. This gives the hoarder a false sense of security that he/she has friends that care about the hoarder. The hoarder then refuses to 'poke' these people back fore the hoarder will as if they are starting a 'poke war' and are being a bad friend.
Person A: "Yo dogs, check dis out. I gots 53 friends all tryin to get me to poke dem back"

Person B: "Wow, you be one of dem poke hoarders"
by SOTHEYSAY April 17, 2011
Swiping left so frequently on the Tinder app that you accidentally swipe left to someone you thought was attractive and instantly regret it.
Person 1: F*ck! Tinder finger!
Person 2: What happened?
Person 1: They were really hot but I kept swiping left so I swiped the hot person left too. Ugh, can I get them back?
Person 2: Nope...Tinder finger strikes again.
by sotheysay December 11, 2014

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