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4 definitions by SONATA

The "man" is someone or something that holds you down or supresses you. Damn The Man is basically a way of saying screw whatever's holding you back and going for it.
Damn the Man, save the Empire!
by SONATA January 07, 2005
A town in Derbyshire, England famous for the Crooked Spire church
I'm going to Chesterfield!
by SONATA March 31, 2005
Short French surrealist film created in 1928/1929 by Salvador Dali and Luis Bunuel. The provocative, shock film opens with a scene where a womans eye is sliced open by a razor and is followed by a series of surreal scenes including severed hands, dead donkeys and a man with ants emerging from a hole in his hand.

The film is also mentioned in The Pixies song "Debaser".

Dali and Bunuel later worked together on a similar surrealist film named L'Age d'Or which was consequently banned in many countries.
I can't think of an example
by SONATA October 10, 2004
To participate in a sexual act with someone
1. I'll froola you good
2. I'd sure like to froola with him!
by SONATA October 02, 2004