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1 definition by SOME RANDOM BODY

A village in the state of Kansas that has probably the most conservative, shallow-minded, bigot people ever...seriously. There is absolutely nothing to do and the people there usually have to adopt the ways of people around them and what they see on MTV in order to "stay cool". Don't move here unless you hate black and hispanics and love to be surrounded by white trash people who still think the "ipod" is a new thing.
Kyle: Hey man, I go to school in Cloud County, Kansas, where do you go?

John: Why the hell would you go there, dude?? Isn't that in Concordia??

Kyle: Fuck yeah it is! I wreckon the chicks are real hot and have tramp stamps.

John: Um wow, that was so 2001 that tramp stamps were in..now they are just trashy.
by SOME RANDOM BODY May 30, 2009
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