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Despite what people say of Humanity killing the Earth, we are not. Our planet has survived much worse, we are just diminishing the habitability zone. After we die out, another species which would have adapted to the new environment will become dominant and life will go on. The Earth will still be here, stop thinking as soon as humanity dies out the Earth dies out.

Humans are always there for each other, you may be in the worst possible situation and have no one to talk to but trust me there will always be many humans out there to lend a hand and give advice. We have all been in each other’s shoes during those hard times. Sure we got hate and violence and more messed up shit, but we got love, benevolence, companionship and much more.

We can bloody fly over seas in a matter of hours, we can community with others across the planet without delay. We can replace limbs, we are now curing blindness and deafness, we are INCREDIBLE. Take pride in what you are, think of how far your people have gone. If you're living in a third world county what can I say, you'll be there soon.

Take pride in what we are, and live it up while you can.
Person A: Man, I feel so down on my luck. I just can't find the strength to go on.
Person B: It's okay, I went through the same thing. Just know that it will all be over soon and life will go on.
Person A: Thanks, I'm not going to let this keep me down!
Person B: Glad to hear it, I am happy humanity is striving.
by SN Howard January 19, 2010

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