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Made in Taiwan
Students at MIT
by sn July 14, 2003
final boss monster of the yet to be released Final Fantasy XXVII video game whose one weakness is sunlight
We must slap ryN with a ray of sunlight in order to defeat him.
by sN November 16, 2004
1. hunter sent back in time to destroy team UH

2. human newegg billboard
Rogueverve (1.) pissed on UH juni0r's lifeless corpse.

Upon seeing that rogueverve (2.) at web2zone, I decided that I would buy stock in newegg.
by sN November 30, 2004
1. the combination of pure britishness and pure awesomness to form one purely british, awesome entity

2. master of shiftynou
Look at that rediculously adorable panda, the one that is so rediculously adorable that it makes you say, "Hey, look at how rediculously adorable that panda is!", and call it Boomham.
by sN November 26, 2004
padawan of Boomham

shiftynou is an azn jew, kekekekekekeke >_< zergling rush!
by sN November 26, 2004
to fall really fast straight down
susie just plummeted off that building and is laying in a bloody mass over there
by SN August 04, 2003
a dinosaur which resides within a woman's vagina
The Vaginasaur is usually a mild-mannered creature.
by sn January 14, 2005
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