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Verb: 1. for a group of people, usually in an internets forum, to argue on the same side of a subject. The purpose being to purport more knowledge on the subject than the other people.
2. To be a bigger know-it-all than the other guy.
anonymous 1: ther's no medical fact that marijuana is dangerous for your health
anonymous 2: alcohol is like 10x more addicitve than pot, but it's legal... why????
anonymous 1: There's absolutely no reason, at all, that weed should be illegal. It's a thousand times less dangerous than alcohol and tobacco, yet those two are available at the store.
anonymous 3: wine is actually beneficial, but alachol abuse kills more people than marijuana ever has.
anonymous 2: Yes, crime is bad and does kill, but I don't directly blame that on Marijuana. Criminals are always going to find cheap, dangerous ways to make money. If pot were was gone, they'd find something else. There are plenty who either grow for themselves, or don't feel the need to play cowboy with the cops and gangs.
anonymous 4: enough masdebate! MOAR RACCOON PORN!
by SMcG December 22, 2008

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