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(verb) to have diarrhea
My baby has been running off since last night.
by SMXT March 27, 2009
fuck with one, fuck with all
Dude, he's in a biker gang, don't mess with him. Ya know, FWOFWA.
by SMXT March 29, 2011
AKA ringworm
Johnnie was playing with the neighbor's dog and now he's got the wigworm.
by SMXT October 03, 2009
Refers to the high-pitched monophonic noise associated with croup (laryngotracheitis).
My baby has been coughing and stridorous for the past two nights.
by SMXT November 11, 2009
To pass out or to fall on the floor in emotional distress.
I was running the mile in PE and when I got done I was practically falling out.


When Gina found out her baby had cancer, she was falling out all over the place.
by SMXT November 15, 2009
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