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5 definitions by SMXT

(verb) to have diarrhea
My baby has been running off since last night.
by SMXT March 27, 2009
7 0
fuck with one, fuck with all
Dude, he's in a biker gang, don't mess with him. Ya know, FWOFWA.
by SMXT March 29, 2011
2 0
Refers to the high-pitched monophonic noise associated with croup (laryngotracheitis).
My baby has been coughing and stridorous for the past two nights.
by SMXT November 11, 2009
2 2
AKA ringworm
Johnnie was playing with the neighbor's dog and now he's got the wigworm.
by SMXT October 03, 2009
0 1
To pass out or to fall on the floor in emotional distress.
I was running the mile in PE and when I got done I was practically falling out.


When Gina found out her baby had cancer, she was falling out all over the place.
by SMXT November 15, 2009
13 40