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Stressing Me Out

When something is really bothering you or pissing you off you use the word SMO, SMOed, or SMOing instead of saying "mad, angry, upset,pissed off ect..."


If you are really get the context of SMO. you can just use it in random sentences

ex.: Im really SMOing right now
meaning: Im really stressing right now.

ex.: Im all SMOed out
meaning: Im really stressed out right now.

ex.: That sounds really SMO right now.
meaning: That sounds really (gay, boring, stupid, lame ect..).


ex: Im gonna go SMO my room.
meaning: Im gonna go be bored in my room.

ex: Im gonna go SMO the store.
meaning: Im gonna go to the store really quickly.

by SMOslut April 04, 2009

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