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1- streak of fecal matter on a cloth/disposable device meant to intercept human infant waste product as it exits the posterior.
2 -put down, like 'doody head' based on the undesiribility, and vileness of the substance of the stain being used as a metaphor for the qualities of the individual to whom the remark is directed
In Blade Runner 2, L Samuel Jackson called one of the other werewolves a "human diaper stain".
by SMODNUK September 16, 2007
Polite, indirect way of referring to the periodic elimination of solid waste (ie #2).
a) I'll catch up with you in just a sec. I have to make my morning offering to the shit gods. I hope they find it a worthy sacrifice.

b) Oh, the agony! pass the kayopectate... the shit gods must be angry with me! What have I done to incur their fierce wrath?
by SMODNUK October 03, 2007
A silly word game where you just change/negate everything in a common phrase.
examples of change everything!:
"Ahem, what's elevated physician?"
"All solid foods for me."
"You are brain dead, even though he is not."
"who isn't my mommy?"
"Intercourse Adhesive suggests a celebratory consumption of alcoholic beverages." (Nematode Cellulose).
"Eastminster admission of doubt"
"The boo chair. The bay care. Thick and dull stick may care."
by SMODNUK September 16, 2007
Researcher who acquires samples of flatulence without the knowledge or consent of the subjects.
And then the fart thief said to me: "Your flatulence or your life!". It was the most frightening moments of my life! But certainly not the most smelly. I find that ironic.
by SMODNUK September 16, 2007
A theological position that holds:
1- People are partially depraved and can still perform one act (faith in Christ) of their own free will that is pleasing to God.
2- People are elected unto salvation on the condition that they posess saving faith.
3- Christ's death payed the penalty for the sins of every individual of mankind.
4- Individuals with the capacity to freely choose either saving faith or rejection of God (such capacity being the result of prevenient Grace), may in the end decide to damn themselves by not having faith, thereby rejecting God's gracious influence, and thus God's offer of mercy in Christ's sacrifice.
5- A person who has saving faith may forfeit his salvation by rejecting God and Christ's work at a later point in time.
The Armani race contains many famous members: Cornelius Van Swill, Greg Bonehead, Eggbert Mahler Jr., Yaacov R Blanche, Purr Locs, and of course, Dr. James R. Minivan of Alfalfa and Ortega Miniseries, who invented the whole concept in the first place.
by SMODNUK September 16, 2007

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