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A side effect of evolution that makes the need to reproduce a lot more appealing.
The actual biological purpose served by the female orgasm is that the contractions allow the cervix to 'lap up' the deposited sperm so it can reach the egg easier.
girl: You better fertilise me this time, otherwise we'll never start a family at this rate.

man: Well when I've shot my load, you bring yourself to orgasm with this vibrator. Whilst I watch. And maybe film it to show my mates.
by SLVA January 22, 2011
A blog that analyses select stories mainly found in the Daily Mail and sometimes the Daily Express. The Sun and even the Daily Star. The writer will pick an article and pick it to pieces showing that is it not the paragon of journalism the newspaper claims it is but is in fact a load of scaremongering bollocks to keep people in a permanent state of 'fury'.
I've just read an entry on Tabloid Watch that picks apart the article that claimed that ALL British jobs have gone to immigrants and shown it to be utter rubbish backed up by figures and information collected from a variety of reliable sources.
by SLVA January 22, 2011
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