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pretty much the coolest small town you could ever live in. it houses cal poly- one of the most credible engineering and agricultural related schools in on the west coast. there's a cute downtown with a farmers market every thursday and about 7 or 8 bars within three or blocks of eachother. although we, i mean they, lack drive throughs and decent italian food, it doesnt get much beter than that. 10 minutes or less from the beach, and about 15 to the sand dunes. it's right in the middle of pismo beach. morro bay, and the famous hearst castle. and . . . mardi gras, even though it's been canceled for the last 2 years, is the equivalent to santa barbara's infamous halloween parties. anywho, SLO town is alot more than just a small town in the middle of the central coast. ciao
you'd have to visit san luis obispo to get what i'm saying. all these other people that wrote definitions don't know what they're talking about- except the no drive in part- that's true.
by SLO Marissa October 17, 2006

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