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adjective describing one that is covered in freckles.
I am a redhead, so I am quite freckley.

This weekend I got some sun, so now I am even more freckley.
by SLGirl May 26, 2009
1. to give oral pleasure with pleasure

2. to go down hard

3. to fall hard
My guy made me mad, so he had to go down like Titanic to make up for it.

When I give head, I go down like Titanic!

I'm so clumsy. Today, my heel broke, and I went down like Titanic.
by SLGirl May 26, 2009

The freedom to partake in sexual activities with whom ever you choose. Without discrimination or labelling.

A euphemism for labels such as: 'slut', 'hoe', 'easy'.

Noun: sexual liberation
Wow did you hear who many people Jessica had sex with? She's really sexually liberated.
by SLgirl January 10, 2015

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