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Chode Monkey Describes a person who will dance and play upon command to have the reward of slurping down some guys chode
Infuser is a chode Monkey
by Slaytanic December 11, 2004
The drink that I am addicted to. Probably the greatest pop in the world. It has a very unique taste, hard to explain. I would describe it as a mix of 7up, Mountain Dew, and Fresca.
I have only one more DNL left in my mini-fridge...
by SLAYTanic April 05, 2005
Infuser is a word used by men who are completely void of all intellegence and honor. Someone who loves to slurp up seman off of other mens chests.
Ken like to Infuser Chuck!
by Slaytanic December 11, 2004
What cigarette smokers don't know they're missing. Try Phillies Titan cigars.
mmmmmmm, cigar, tastes like candy
by SLAYtanic February 13, 2005
Device which transmits radiation that can give you tumors and phone calls.
dude #1: "I got testicular cancer from keeping my cell phone in my pocket!"

dude #2: "You're like Tom Green!"
by SLAYtanic February 01, 2005
A person who listens to heavy metal non stop.

-Jeans. These can be found baggy as shit, or tight (veteran's style). Blue or black.
-Band shirt. Usually black with band logo or picture of band smeared across front. Concert shirts are a norm, they're a badge of honor.
-Hoody. Black, band logo.
-Chain. Long chain hanging from pants to scare the preps.
-Piercings. Traditional ear piercings are casual. Eyebrow is accepted as well.
-Hair. Either shoulder length or shaved.

Location: At Heavy metal concert or asleep in bed. At school can be found wandering the hallways playing airguitar, headbanging violently, or muttering, "infamous butcher, Angel of Death!!!"

Trademark: Quick flash of devil horns with hand to random victim.

Accepted bands:
-Lamb of God
-Mudvayne, etc...
Shawna: "Where's Kevin?"
Sebastian: "He must be at the library"
Zack: "Are you kidding me? That Metalhead is at the motherfucking SLAYER conert!!!"
by SLAYtanic January 29, 2005
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