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a term used to express that a person is really really high on crystal meth.
Dude i must be tweekin-ballz cuz its 4:30am and i outside vacuuming my car.
by skol December 14, 2004
a kind gesture of asking a person asking a person if they want there shit back
Hey you want yo shit back ? Jennifer says "what shit?" And you say " THE SHIT ON THE END OF MY DICK BITCH."
by SKOL December 01, 2004
the person on this on urban dictionary who uses that name.
damn i wanna see what queen tweeker looks like to see if she wants ta fuck ,but this is the only way i know how to find her.
by skol December 20, 2004
a chin-balla is a person who always gots some balls on there chin.Usually they are lookin for a better sack of nuts to floss.
Damn Jennifer Hartenstein has sucked so many dicks that she is a straight CHIN-BALLA !
by SKOL December 01, 2004

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