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3 definitions by SK | Heaton

The name of the best cs player to live, he is the 1337est scouter, ak master etc. However, he sucks with an awp...
player: omg ionic you hack!
by SK | Heaton April 12, 2004
4 13
A great cs player, god amoungst men. Perfection in it's every form. He is perfect, rich and has a hot girlfriend. Never have a gali war with this man.
h4x is 1337?
by SK | Heaton April 13, 2004
14 47
A kid who won't tell you anything about himself... or herself. You just can't get a definate answer without asking for months and months. However >.< is pro at cs, and is teh god of silenced usps?
player: omg >.< you fricking hacker
by SK | Heaton April 17, 2004
21 121