26 definitions by SK

An Ahfikan is somthing that scares you!
Doo ahfikans scare you??!!
by SK July 24, 2004
Krissy (Kitty) Brown a conceided girl that has a lust for power but can't handle the power
You are a Hipacrockadogapig
by SK November 19, 2003
shit kunt
hyb is a sk at wanking
by sk February 11, 2003
"pussy whipped"
why cant you come with us? oh yeah cuz your pussy whipped.
by sk September 08, 2003
the most beautiful girl in the world. unbelieve characteristics, smart, sexy, charming, loving, undeniably amazing.
That girl is sooo like tuba!
by sk December 25, 2004

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