26 definitions by SK

a rag used to wipe the sweat from your balls
He threw the critch rag at his face
by Sk May 28, 2003
skunk or grass, the better alternative to resin. see weed
make yourself useful and grind up this green for me
by SK September 09, 2004
A comment made to someone retarded, because of misfortune of being born to a "crack-head" or "crack-whore".
Yo, Derron u such a crack-baby.
by sk January 06, 2003
something that is well good
its gunna be a beuce night out mate!
by SK December 13, 2004
really muscular
damn, that guy is ripped
by sk September 08, 2003
an oversized novelty vehicle. a condescending term for a ridiculously oversized SUV, H2, SUT, 4x4 etc., that has never seen anything resembling the off-road, and is often being driven by a suburban soccer mom who is talking on her cell phone
The ONVs outnumber the cars here!
by sk April 21, 2005
the sound of giving props!
by sk January 06, 2003
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