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when someone fucks up at a party by dropping beer or breaking something or falling.
::drops beer::

everyone: "Party Foul!"
by sk September 07, 2003
wonderfully delightful little frozen burritos
will you put that chimichanga in the mic for me so i can enjoy its savory splendidness in a little less than a minute? thanks
by sk September 08, 2003
absoulute shite resin. just say no. listen to Soap Bar by Goldie Lookin' Chain, says it all.
"you wanna pick up sum soap bar?"
"fuck off, im on the green"
by SK September 05, 2004
yo that dog dudu on my lawn
by sk January 06, 2003
The lonley black guy in a big budget movie, who's sole purpose is to represent the "brothas" and say stuff like "dope", "yo", "what's up" and other words associated with UrbanDictionary.com :)
Every teen movie has em.

In scream3, Deon Richmond who played Tyson Fox was one.
by sk January 06, 2003
gay Beyond All Recognition. Used to describe someone (or something) that is "flaming" gay.
Mr A: Hey do you like my shirt?
Mr B: Not really, it's gaybar.
by sk November 18, 2003
a sexc mutha fuker
u are a pupz.
by sk August 31, 2003

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